How To Increase The Reach Of Your Facebook Page Updates

November 30, 2012 6 comments

Thousands of Facebook page fans and only a handful of likes, shares and comments – sound familiar? After all that time you’ve spent reading about the greatest Facebook marketing tricks and ways to get your fans to engage with you, and you’re doing everything right – you just can’t seem to get more people to click “Like”, and shares and comment seem more and more like mission impossible. It can’t be that they don’t like what you’re putting out – it’s all positive and engaging, not offensive, by all standards the content you’re publishing is sharable.

And well, you’re probably right. Even if you’re doing it all by the book in terms of selecting the content, finding the voice that your audience loves and choosing the right time of the day, you’re probably not taking one thing into consideration:

How many people actually see your Facebook Page updates?

Officially according to Facebook, Facebook page updates reach about 16% of fans on average. In reality, most Facebook page updates fall into the average of 7% daily!  That means that only 7 out of 100 fans will see whatever you post on your Wall, status updates, images, videos, links, etc.

Don’t you just hate when you realize that your efforts are, for the biggest part, in vain? 93 out of 100 people won’t see that carefully crafted status update nor that link that you are trying to get them to click on. Or 930 out of 1000. And so on – no matter how many fans your page has, the percentage of those who statistically won’t see it is huge.

Luckily, you can do something about it.

First tip: Do you know how well you’re doing now?

Statistical data is one thing, but your actual numbers can be well below or beyond that 7% mark. This is pretty easy to find out – unless you’re using Sponsored Stories, but that’s another scenario. Just go to your Insights and check the numbers of your reach. To be more accurate, take the numbers from the last 30 days and take the average; then divide the number you got by the number of your fans – and there you go, something to start from.

The simplest way to increase engagement! (and pretty effective too)

Images! Facebook users love images, and Facebook loves what their users love. Facebook EdgeRank (what determines whether your content will reach a greater number of people) prefers visual to textual content. So yes, funny and meaningful status updates are all fine, but you can accompany them with an image for better visibility, or write them across the image (all it takes is two minutes of your time and basic Photoshop skills, or even simple Paint).

Status updates, quotes, practically anything you can publish as text – you can publish as an image as well. They’re more likely to be seen and read than the plain text updates (although you don’t want to forget about those either), and they don’t take time to be seen as the video content does.

Second tip: Stimulate the engagement, it’s not as difficult as you may think.

Increased interaction also influences your EdgeRank, and it’s up to you to create it – your Facebook page fans won’t get activated by themselves. This doesn’t require you to be online all the time, nor to spend large amounts of money on sweepstakes and contest prizes; it doesn’t even require that you be insanely creative – you can look around, see what others are doing, modify their idea to suit your audience, and you’re all set.

Some of the most engaging activities on Facebook include:

  • Asking a personal question that the fans should answer to by filling in the blank (it has to be personal, because your fans will be delighted to share something about themselves)
  • Multiple choice Q&A – even one letter comment (y or n) counts as a comment, don’t forget that!
  • Sharing inspirational quotes (people easily relate to them and want to show them to their friends)

In one month, do the above calculation again and see how well you did – for the boost in morale; then just continue with the tips we shared, and add some more – and you’ll do just fine.



Hair loss and treatment

November 21, 2012 13 comments

Hair loss is the serious problem now a days.There are many resons for this. Some of the major causes of hair lossare mentioned below

a. Lifestyle 

Too much sunlight exposure ,High levels of stress, A low fat percentage in the body and irregular eating habbits

b. Environmental factors

Food, hygiene and beauty products chemicals.

c. Health problems

Illness, Infection,medical trauma

d. Dieting problems

Inadequate protein,high levels of vitamin A, heavy metals or other toxic build-up.

e . Metabolic causes

Hormonal imbalance, toxicity, pregnancy, Problem in  thyroid functionality

To prevent hair loss,some of the remedies and precautions are mentioned below

1.Your hair need protein,iron and fatty acids to stay healthy,so take protein rich diet.

a .Take a gender and age-based daily multi-vitamin.
b. Increase green vegetables loaded with protein and biotin.
c. Fresh water fish for omega-scale and increase protein
d.Extra biotin and omega based on your individual needs should be met.

Less Is More On Twitter – 10 Twitter Tactics [Research]

October 23, 2012 10 comments

If you want to build your Twitter following, take some advice from Spiderman and stay focused, according to research by Carnegie Mellon researcher Yi-ChiaWang. Marketers seeking to increase their Twitter strategy effectiveness should heed Wang’s advice because to increase your Twitter effectiveness, you must attract followers interested in the content you tweet who will then share it with their followers.

By studying 480 non-celebrity Twitter users during their first year after signing up, Wang determined the average user tweeted roughly four tweets per day.

One major Twitter marketing challenge is Wang’s finding that one out of every four Twitter users has no followers. This means no one’s listening to them, either publically or privately.

Wang found that concentrating your Twitter content on a specific topic attracted others interested in the topic. While marketers may view this approach as limiting their Twitter following, it’ll be a more loyal, engaged group because these followers attract others with similar interests producing conversation and community around the subject. Not surprisingly, Wang found that when people talked about a specific topic, they used the same vocabulary. Having a strong focal point results in a targeted following that’s self-selecting because they know what you’re going to share.

Wang defined success by how many followers a user attracted and social tie density, the degree to which followers also subscribed to fellow followers, as an indicator of community strength around a Twitter user. Twitter users who consistently communicated a single topic attracted more followers and created a more active community than those who discussed multiple subjects.

10 Twitter tactics

To leverage the power of Wang’s findings, here are ten Twitter tactics to focus your activity to maximize results.

  1. Give your Twitter content a laser focus. While many participants chat about a variety of topics, concentrate your tweets on a specific, well-defined topic related to your offering.
  2. Keep your tweets on target. Your goal should be to consistently tweet information about your subject area so followers know your content’s useful and predictable. The more tightly you define your topic, the easier it is for followers. Ensure every tweet counts!
  3. Speak the lingo. While you need to know the Twitter conventions, you must use the keywords others use when discussing the topic. This isn’t the time to be creative; Wang mentioned in her research that people communicating on a specific topic used the same words over and over.
  4. Include relevant hashtags. Show you’re deeply involved in your topic by incorporating appropriate hashtags. Don’t just guess at the words to use. Search and test the hashtags before you use them.
  5. Create Twitter bait on your subject. Develop information that your followers can’t resist sharing.
  6. Discuss your topic on Twitter. Don’t just blast out your messages. Bear in mind that Twitter’s a multi-directional communications platform. Engage with others by responding to comments and questions on your subject.
  7. Follow people who tweet your content. Build an engaged Twitter following with participants who tweet and retweet your content. To ensure their focus is the same as yours, check their profiles and backgrounds. Are their interests aligned with yours?
  8. Participate in relevant Twitter chats. Twitter chats are great forums to engage with likeminded participants. If a Twitter chat doesn’t exist on your topic, consider starting one.
  9. Spread the Twitter love. Retweet other people’s content on your topic. Everyone wants to get recognition on social media platforms. Share content that’s related to your subject and it’ll incent others to return the favor.
  10. Make your owned media content tweetable. Reduce any blocks that hinder other people’s ability or desire to tweet your content. Include social sharing buttons and make small bite size facts tweetable.

To build an engaged Twitter following, learn from Wang’s research. Keep your Twitter conversation tightly focused on a specific topic.


Twitter Study Reveals the Secret to Getting More Followers

October 22, 2012 9 comments

After analyzing the Twitter profiles of 36 million users who have generated more than 28 billion tweets (that’s 794 tweets per person in three years on average), Beevolve’s social analytics research reveals user follower bases directly correlate with how much they tweet.

A Twitter user who has written 1 to 1000 tweets has an average of 51 to 100 followers, whereas users who have tweeted more than 10,000 times tend to be followed by 1,001 to 5000 individuals. It’s estimated that a person with more than 15,000 tweets has between 100,001 to 1 million followers.

Beevolve’s report, called “An Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Around the World,” takes a look at users’ demographics, follower stats, gender preferences, favorite keywords and smartphone/app preferences.

It turns out the average Twitter user is an English-speaking 28-year-old woman with about 208 followers. The typical user uses these popular keywords in their social media bio: “family,” “technology,” “entertainment,” “education” and “publishing.” The global audience on the micro blogging platform is relatively young — about 73.7% Twitter users who have self-disclosed their age are 15 to 25 years old.

What’s the most surprising thing this study reveals? Tell us in the comments.

10 Supercharged Attention Grabbing Headlines for Your Website

October 20, 2012 9 comments

This week I came across this great topic of writing great headlines for your websites. Writing attention grabbing headlines is one of the first things you will need to learn fast if you have a business to promote be it an online business or an off line business.

Here is the article I came across. Great tips.

Have you ever struggled thinking of a catchy headline for your blog post? I know I have. Whether it’s your own post or a guest post you are writing, the content can sometimes be easier than writing the title. For me, I often change the title numerous times before I actually publish the article.

It’s important to try and get the title right because it can be the deciding factor between a visitor to your site reading your post or clicking the back button. The content might be fantastic but if the title doesn’t grab them and draw them in, then they are never going to read all that fantastic content that you have spent hours writing.

Plus, when someone has searched for a topic in Google, and your post is sitting on page 1 in the midst of all the other posts, what is it that is going to make your article stand out from all the others?  Well,  it’s the attention grabbing title that is going to entice readers to come to your site?

The 3 Golden Rules for Writing Blog Post Headlines

Okay, maybe they aren’t golden rules but I just wanted to get another catchy headline in this post. Still, these are important to remember when writing blog post titles:

Keep the title short but simple – You really want to try and keep it under 10 words but if it makes sense to go longer then go for it.

Ensure the title matches the content – It’s all very well trying to write a catchy title but if the content has nothing to do with the title then your visitors aren’t going to bother reading anything else on your site.

Keywords – Yes, keywords are still important so try and get a keyword or two in the title if possible. Just don’t overdo. Personally I prefer to write the title first without even thinking of keywords and only then do I think about trying to get a keyword in, but only if it sounds completely natural.

10 Attention Grabbing Headlines

Let’s take a look at some blog post titles that will grab your readers attention. This is a list of 10 which we have taken from our latest ebook – Guest Blogging Essentials, but there are over 60 of them in the book.

1. The Secrets of…

Starting a headline with the words “The Secrets of…” can’t help but grab someones attention.

Eg. Secrets of Making Money Fast
Eg. The 7 Secrets of Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee

2. Did you know…?

Getting your readers curiosity peaked can entice them to read further, although you have to be careful that you don’t give away too much in the title.

Eg. Did You Know that Coffee is Actually Good for Your Health?
Eg. Did You Know that 70 People Die Each Year from Shark Attacks?

3. Warning signs…

This one is always a good one for health articles but it can work for just about any niche.

Eg. 5 Warnings Signs That You Might Be Going Deaf
Eg. 10 Warnings Signs That You Might Be Addicted to Coffee

4. How to instantly transform…

This sort of headline implies to the reader that if they read on, their problem (whatever that might be) will be solved quickly, and who doesn’t want that?

Eg. How to Instantly Transform Your Blog into an Authority Site
Eg. How to Instantly Transform Your Life in 52 Easy Steps

5. Is it worth it?…

This headline can often work well for review sites. People don’t want to have to do the research and this sort of title implies that you have done the research for them.

Eg. Is Signing Up to Google Plus Worth it?
Eg. Is Buying a $600 Coffee Maker Worth the Price?

6. Five minutes, 24 hours, 30 days…

This type of title just about always works. It lets the reader know that their problem can be solved in whatever time period you set.

Eg. 30 Days to a Healthier You
Eg. The 5 Minute Plan to Changing Your Life

7. Should you be worried…?

Using fear and uncertainty can be a good way to grab your readers.

Eg. Should You Be Worried about 2012?
Eg. Should You Be Worried about Drinking Too Much Coffee?

8. The World’s Best…

This can work well for a review site. I mean, who doesn’t want to know which is the best of the best.

Eg. The World’s Best Sports Cars and Where to Find Them
Eg. The World’s Best Travel Destinations

9. Complete guide to…

This one is  definitely a winner, however you have to back it up with good solid content. You really can’t write a complete guide to anything in under 500 words.

Eg. The Complete Guide to Making the Ultimate Cup of Coffee
Eg. The Complete Step-by-Step Plan to Building a Better Blog

10. Sure-fire Ways to…

This is a favorite of mine. It implies certainty to the reader and works really well for any niche.

Eg. 10 Sure Fire Ways to Meet a Movie Star
Eg. 7 Sure Fire Ways to Get a Girlfriend
Eg. 5 Sure Fire Ways to Choose a Cordless Drill

Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Google Algorithm Update

October 19, 2012 6 comments

Recent changes in search algorithms have precipitated updates to website content. Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithmic updates have begun penalizing sites for older, out-of-date content and poor quality linking. In terms of maintaining SEO, they have essentially shifted the focus from simple keyword usage and lots of content to keyword usage combined with updated, quality content.

Panda penalizes sites with lower quality, older content. Penguin took it a step further and began looking at the links coming in and out of a website. Lots of 3rd parties links used to boost your site rank regardless of the quality of the linked sites, but Penguin began to examine those links more closely, placing greater emphasis on social media. There’s now more rank impact from link sharing with sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. Google is obviously recognizing social media and its impact on search.

With these changes to Google´s algorithm, it becomes essential that business owners, bloggers and individual site owners look at their websites and blogs, adjust their SEO techniques accordingly, and monitor their traffic. Penguin has placed greater emphasis on social media while Panda requires that content be fresh and relevant while promoting organic traffic. Here are some techniques to address these changes.

SEO Techniques to Address Latest Google Algorithm Changes

Canonicalization – The latest algorithms also penalize sites that do not have a single, centralized URL. By normalizing or redirecting multiple URLs to a single URL, you can minimize any penalty. This is referred to in SEO speak as “canonicalization.”

URL Mapping – After identifying your high-ranking keywords, make the determination as to which pages on the site should contain these keywords. You want to maximize optimization around the content and the keywords.

Social Bookmarking – Be sure to embed Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and various other buttons or links into your site so visitors can promote your site on social media. Similarly, make sure that social media promotions direct visitors back to your website. As mentioned, social media traffic ranks higher.

Comment Posting – Whoever maintains your site content should also do a lot of comment posting on other related websites. The comments should also contain links to your site to help with organic, quality back-linking.

Article Submissions – You can also submit articles and content to other sites and forums to have the same impact as commenting.

Article/Blog Writing – Create new and quality content to replace stale, older content to boost your site’s ranking.

These techniques will assist your blog, business, or website by improving its rankings, while taking Google’s latest algorithmic updates into account.

Achievement’s of Ganguly

October 18, 2012 5 comments

Every One writes about others but no one write about GANGULY…



He is my God Father- VIRU

He is our Inspiration-Yuvi,Viru, Manoj Tiwary, Saha

He is the God of Offside- Dravid
He is the best Indian Captain- Stevewaugh, Markwaugh, Sangakkara, Yuvi, Dravid, Viru, Gavaskar, Azharuddin, Gambhir, Kumble, Bhajji, Manoj, B. Lara
I’m glad to play under his captaincy- Sachin, Yuvi, Viru, Dravid, Manoj,
Saha, Zakk, Gambhir, Sreesan­th, Pathan, Uthappa, Kaif.
He is one of the best 6 ODI player- WISDON
He was an inspiring captain-  Kaif, Yuvi, Sachin, Kumble, Dravid, Viru, Gambhir, Bhajji, Pathan, Manoj, Zak.
He is a brave batsman
and match winner- Sangakkara, Dravid, Steve Waugh, Sachin
He become Indian captain when v were
in black time,and he bring India
from 8th to 2nd rank in ICC Test Rankings.
He laid the foundation and built the team India wit Viru ,Yuvi ,Bhaji ,Zak, Pathan,Nehra,Gambhir,Parthiv n even Dhoni.
He made/ taught India to win away n home matches-Steve, Mark, Kumble, Dravid
37% of India’s overseas victory came under his captaincy.
He loves his teammates more than their parents and back them with confidence.That z why he was named as DADA.
He scored 22 ODI centuries in 7 years and 18 was away. India won 18 times wen he scored a century.
He was the 1st foreigner to score a Test debut 100 at Lords. He scored 16 test centuries and India haven’t lost any match. He was the 3rd man to cross 10000 runs in ODI. He was the fastest to score 7000,8000,9000 ODI runs.
He won 4 consecutive mom awards in ODI,which z a record and have won 31 mom awards(3rd in the list)in ODI. Once the highest individual score by an Indian in ODI was his 183.
He has got the record of max 6’s in World cup and highest individual score of an Indian in WC. He z 4th in the no of ODI 6’s. He involved in 1st 300 partnership in ODI which z still the best in WC. He and Sachin z known as the
world best openers scoring 100 runs partnership as 26 times and more than 8200 ODI runs.
Sachin scores his 10th,20th,30th,35th,40th test 100’s wen Dada was at the
other end. He has involved in six 200 partnerships in ODI. He was the 1st to get Asian cricketer award. He lead India to 12 finals n won 3 cups. He lead India to the WC wit youngsters.
He lead India to Oversea victory 4 d 1st time. He made team to a unit. He gets claps by the fight against the opposition team in the ground and fight against team management and others outside the field.
Various times he proved that he is also a good bowler. He gain many nicknames in the field like Bengal Tiger,Prince of Kolkata,Lord of Lord’s, Maharaj, Comeback King,God of Offside,Warrior Prince,Don…and
more over DADA….
This is a small article about our DADA!!